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With ASM’s national meeting postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19, there was a microbiology-shaped hole in ECRs event calendar this year. With this in mind, and with the support of ASM-VIC branch, MicroSeq2020 was conceived by ECRs for ECRs to bring together microbiological researchers across diverse disciplines using the common ground of sequencing technologies (which permeates microbiological research everywhere).

The conference, held on the 2nd and 3rd of November, was a great success bringing together some 117 participants representing 35 institutions from 5 states and territories. ECR and HDR researchers provided us with a fantastic program of talks which intersected a diverse range of microbiology disciplines including Clinical, Environmental, Public health, Veterinary, Agricultural and the Food and Beverage industry.

Our plenaries were a highlight of the program. Dr Laura Machuca-Suarez (Curtin University), Dr Jeremy Barr (Monash University),  Dr Michelle Wille (University of Sydney) and Dr Ben Woodcroft (Queensland University of Technology) provided engaging talks that not only provided insights across a range of research areas, but insights into Career Pathways, #ECRLife and Industry engagement.  

Congratulations to our ASM-VIC sponsored Awardees: Mr Pok (Bob) Leung who was awarded Best Talk, Dr Margaret Lam who was awarded People‚Äôs Choice Best Talk and Ms Danielle Madden and Mr Gene Drendel who were both awarded best lightning talk.  

Special thank you to the members of ASM-VIC, particularly Dr Jake Lacey and Dr Sarah Baines, who were instrumental in helping navigate the delivery of a 100% online conference. As well as Dr Jane Hawkey and Gene Drendel for helping deliver on the social and visual content.