8-9 September 2021

Welcome to MicroSeq2021, an online conference designed to bring together early career researchers in Australia from a broad range of microbiology domains, who are united by their use of DNA and RNA sequencing technologies to investigate microbes. 

This event was born from the observation that our national program lacks the opportunity for cross-disciplinarily interaction and discussion on the broader use of high-throughput sequencing. With the impact of COVID19-so many event cancellations resulting in limited opportunities for early career researchers to network, present and receive feedback on their work, it seemed like the perfect time to try something new. We were delighted by the success of MicroSeq2020, so we have decided to do it again.

This event is now over. However, please keep an eye on our twitter account @MicroSeq_ASM for updates pertaining to MicroSeq2022, which we are hoping will run next year.

Australian Society of Microbiology

MicroSeq2021 is supported by the Australian Society for Microbiology.